About Namibia Solar Solutions.

Namibia Solar Solutions (Pty) Ltd has been established to become a supplier company participating in a variety product in renewable energy industries!

The Company's Commitment.

The majority of Namibia’s electricity supply is generated by hydropower. This is highly vulnerable to drought, which is occurring more frequently with climate change. Currently, the electrical grid reaches a small proportion of the country’s population. Rural schools often have no access to electricity at all, which makes study difficult. Hydropower is already under immense strain and cannot be extended. Namibia Solar has seen an urgent need for alternative sources of energy to improve access to electricity.

What we have done so far

With the support, expertise, competitive prices and quality products available to us, Namibia Solar has already developed this into an exciting business to be in. The excellent and quality service that we deliver to our clients, has qualified us to an a work hand in hand with the Ministry of Mines and Energy, SME Bank and Kongalend for the electrification of rural areas.

What we provide

New Laws are forcing the market to implement energy reduction strategies. The whole world is waking up to it and it’s fast becoming an exciting industry to get into. This makes it ideal for establishing Namibia solar as a major source of electricity.

What we offer

Product Types:

Solar Water Pumps, Solar Water Heating Systems, Solar Street Lights, Batteries , Inverters, Photovoltaic Modules, Solar Cellphone Laptop Chargers.

Services Types:

System Designing , System installations , Training, Testing Services and Maintenance Services.